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Aaron Tippin is What This Country Needs

Welcome to my Aaron Tippin forum. This forum is to discuss and share all things Aaron Tippin. Hope you have enjoyed my website and plan to return. Comments are always appreciated. Thanks.

Aaron Tippin is What This Country Needs
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Fly with Aaron contest

I am hoping that since Johanna Voelker is obviously an Aaron fan that she will see this message. I would just like to say Congratulations on winning the contest to fly with Aaron,( even tho I will be very jealous). LOL I don't know where she will be coming from or how far she will have to travel, but I would like to wish her a safe trip and hope she has a great time. And if she wants to tell anyone all about it, I would LOVE to hear it if she wants to email me when she gets back home. Congratulations Johanna and have a great time!! Take lots of pictures!