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Dear Durant Motors Automobile Club Member, . We are asking for your help to create an updated, accurate Registry of produced or existing Durant related automobiles. The value of gathering this data in the Registry is many fold. It is mainly to accurately preserve the history of all Durant vehicle production and associated dealings with the companies, factories and vehicles they produced. It also acts as an accurate historical source for researchers and restorers, and as a starting place where technical dialogue between like-model owners can begin. The preservation of accurate historical facts is a task requiring many hours of research and cross referencing of specific details. This can only be accomplished with input from DMAC members and other interested parties providing accurate and complete as possible details. The result is a Registry of the best possible Durant information for DMAC members and the rest of the world to see. This is not only the history of Durant, this is your club's heritage and deserves a place in the great world of automotive history. The interaction of DMAC members sharing and participating in the updating of the registry will no doubt result in many new and valuable friendships, a brotherhood if you will, of Durant Partners for your hobby and for generations to come. The current Registry has not been up-dated for some years now. It is sadly lacking in recent participation to provide complete and accurate details of existing vehicles. Details maybe as little as the numbers from an existing ID plate (if that is all that remains of a car), or it may be some or all of the data on the Registry Data Entry Form. Details also may include restoration in progress or completed, the transfer to a new owner, or other relevant information. The Registry also has several errors that have come to light which need to be corrected to update and maintain the most accurate Registry possible. Errors will be corrected as they are identified and validated. Again, this is your club’s heritage and needs to be worthy of standing the test of time like any other important historical document. Your assistance and input is needed and will be greatly appreciated. I hope you will take the time to provide input using the DMAC Registry Data Entry Form. Thank you, Bob Bush DMAC Registry

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